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Pet Food, Pet Treats, Pet Snacks - Nuofeng
Pet Food, Pet Treats, Pet Snacks - Nuofeng
Pet Food, Pet Treats, Pet Snacks - Nuofeng

Frozen Cat Treats Manufacturer: Wholesale Supplier from China | Cat Treats Exporter

Introducing the best frozen cat treats in the market, brought to you by Shouguang Nuofeng Trading Co., Ltd.! Our company takes pride in being the top supplier and factory of premium pet products, and we are excited to present our newest addition to our product line – Frozen Cat Treats.

Designed with your feline companion's health and happiness in mind, our frozen cat treats are made from high-quality ingredients that are 100% safe and nutritious. These treats are specially formulated to provide a refreshing and delicious experience for your furry friend, keeping them happily entertained while also cooling them down during hot summer days.

What sets our frozen cat treats apart is our commitment to quality. Each treat is carefully crafted to deliver optimal taste and texture that cats love. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, they offer a balanced diet and contribute to your pet's overall well-being.

With our frozen cat treats, you can show your furry friend some extra love and care, making every moment together even more enjoyable. Treat your beloved cat to the best frozen cat treats on the market, and place your trust in Shouguang Nuofeng Trading Co., Ltd., the leading supplier of premium pet products.

OEM/ODM Dried chicken sausage (with vegetables carrot)

Introducing "Savoury Delight": Our reputable factory specializes in producing OEM/ODM Dried Chicken Sausage infused with nutritious carrots. Enjoy a healthy snack today!

OEM healthy dog treats lamb meat slices

Discover our premium, all-natural lamb meat slices - OEM Healthy Dog Treats. Lovingly crafted in our factory to provide your furry friend with wholesome nutrition and irresistible taste. Your dog will wag its tail in delight!

OEM pet food Dog chews snacks smoked chicken strips

Shop the best quality OEM pet food Dog chews snacks, including our smoked chicken strips. Made in our factory, ensuring top-notch ingredients and flavors!

OEM dog chew treats beef and fish snowflake fillets

Shop OEM dog chew treats beef and fish snowflake fillets at our factory. Made with high-quality ingredients to satisfy pets' cravings. Buy now for your furry friends.

OEM pet food Dog chews snacks rice stick with fresh chicken meat

Choose our premium quality OEM pet food, Dog Chews Snacks Rice Stick with Fresh Chicken Meat. Produced in our factory, guaranteeing your pet's health and satisfaction. Order now!

Dog snack Calcium bone with fresh chicken breast meat

Get the best of both worlds with our delicious and nutritious dog snack - the Calcium Bone with Fresh Chicken Breast Meat. Made in our factory, your furry friend will love the taste while enjoying the benefits of calcium. Order now for a healthy and happy pup! #DogSnack #ChickenTreats

OEM/ODM Dog rawhide chews cowhide chip with duck breast meat

Introducing our top-quality OEM/ODM Dog Rawhide Chews. Made from natural cowhide chips infused with delicious duck breast meat. Factory-direct pricing. Order now!

OEM dog snacks Half chicken breast with cheese

Made with pure love, our {OEM dog snacks Half chicken breast with cheese} are a paw-fect blend of real chicken breast and creamy cheese. As a trusted factory, we deliver the highest quality dog treats for your fur babies. Order now!

OEM dog snacks mini chews with real meat

Get the best quality OEM dog snacks mini chews with real meat from our factory. Treat your furry friend to these delicious and nutritious snacks. Order now!

OEM/ODM Dog rawhide chews rawhide bones with chicken long lasting chews

Discover our high-quality OEM/ODM Dog rawhide chews with chicken. Long lasting and irresistible, these rawhide bones are proudly crafted in our factory.

Kaper biscuit / dog biscuit/pet biscuit/ dog snack

Kaper Biscuit Factory - Delight your furry friend with our premium dog snacks. Crafted with love, our pet biscuits are the perfect treat for your beloved four-legged companion. Shop now!

Rawhide circle wrapped with chicken

Experience the delectable combination of savory chicken and crunchy rawhide with our {Rawhide circle wrapped with chicken}. Made in our factory for the ultimate taste and premium quality.

OEM/ODM Dog Dental Care Chews Screwed Foaming twisted dog treats

Shop our high-quality OEM/ODM Dog Dental Care Chews - Screwed Foaming twisted dog treats. As a factory, we offer top-notch dental care products for your furry friend.

Curly Stick fruit flavor

Indulge in the unique tanginess of Curly Stick fruit flavor! Made in our factory with utmost care, savor this delightful treat. Order now!

OEM/ODM Cat Snacks mini chicken sushi of varies shapes

Looking for high-quality cat snacks? Try our OEM/ODM Cat Snacks mini chicken sushi with various shapes. We are a trusted factory delivering delicious treats for your furry friend.

  • Premium Frozen Cat Treats: Wholesale Supplier for Export from China
  • Reviews

Introducing our delicious and nutritious Frozen Cat Treats, the perfect way to pamper your feline companion on hot summer days! Made with love and care, our treats are specially crafted to keep your furry friend cool, satisfied, and happy. We understand that cats deserve the best, which is why our Frozen Cat Treats are made with only the highest quality ingredients. We source fresh, protein-rich meat and blend it with natural flavors to create an irresistibly tasty treat that your cat will adore. Whether your kitty prefers chicken, fish, or a mix of flavors, we have a variety of options to cater to their unique taste preferences. Not only are our Frozen Cat Treats incredibly delightful, they also provide numerous health benefits for your cat. Packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, these treats support your pet's overall well-being. They can help improve digestion, boost the immune system, promote a healthy coat and skin, and even aid in weight management. With our Frozen Cat Treats, you can ensure your feline friend receives a balanced diet and stays energetic and playful all year round. Our Frozen Cat Treats are super convenient to serve. Simply take one out of the freezer, let it thaw for a few minutes, and watch your cat eagerly devour it. They are individually packaged to ensure freshness and portion control. Plus, the resealable bags make it easy to store the treats without any hassle. Treat your beloved cat to a frosty delight that will have their taste buds tingling and their hearts full of joy. Try our Frozen Cat Treats today and give your furry friend a delectable and refreshing experience like no other. Your feline companion will thank you for it!

I recently tried out these Frozen Cat Treats for my furry friend and they were a huge hit! These delicious treats contain all-natural ingredients that are not only tasty but also beneficial for my cat's health. The freeze-dried texture ensures they stay fresh and retain maximum flavor. I love that they are made with real meat and no artificial preservatives or additives. My cat goes crazy for them and I'm confident that she's getting a nutritious snack. The resealable package is a plus as it keeps the treats fresh for longer. Overall, these Frozen Cat Treats are a pawsome addition to my cat's diet!

I recently tried the Frozen Cat Treats and I must say, my furry friend absolutely loved them! These treats are a great way to provide a refreshing snack for your cat, especially during hot summer days. The freezing process enhances the flavor and texture, making them irresistible for my finicky eater. The treats are made with high-quality ingredients, ensuring they are both healthy and delicious. I appreciate that they are also conveniently portioned, making it easy to control how much my cat indulges. Overall, I highly recommend the Frozen Cat Treats as a delightful and satisfying option for your feline companion!

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